Heritage renovation Ainslie

The motivation:

Our clients 1930s Ainslie cottage required a substantial  renovation to convert it back from two flats in disrepair to one small but delightful home for an older parent, which would also accommodate the family short term whilst they completed major renovations on their own home right next door.   Our client’s wanted to ensure that renovation designs kept within the spirit of a 1930’s home and included traditional detailing so Journey Home was called.

The fix:

The client came to us with a floor plan that included 4 bedrooms but virtually nowhere to sit and eat.  Redesigning the home’s floor plan we created a balanced home for modern living albeit small, we also managed to save the kitchen fireplace.   The concept of the Jewelry box cottage was born.

The redesign required an increased budget open up the home, once we established to progress in that direction we set about detailing all elements from the hinges to the light fittings and everything in between. Joinery drawings were somewhat of a challenge given the small spaces but all the essentials were all included. We would have regular client meetings to work through fixture selections we were recommending from on everything from paint colours to tiles and even door bell. On completion the entire design was documented and bound ready for tender and the builders to construct. We also worked closely with the electricians and the builder where constraints of an older home imposed changes to the designed drawings.

The services:

Interior Design for Construction:  Spatial planning, specification of all surfaces, paint, tapware, tiles, appliances, hardware, fixtures, fittings and lighting. Documentation included, demolition plan, window design, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bookcase and mantle joinery design, tile set outs, lighting plan, fixture and finishes schedules.

Construction Budget Range:  $350,000 – $500,000

2018 HIA Award Finalist for – Renovation award in the Heritage $350,000 – $500,000 category.

Photography by John Downs


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