The Deakin Classic: Master Bedroom

The starting point:

After years of overseas postings and all the furniture collecting that went with it, our clients finally settled in Deakin and were ready to fully enjoy their forever home. They requested help paring back their existing furnishings and creating a classic look in their master bedroom.

The journey:

We audited our clients’ existing furnishings, repurposing older pieces to other rooms in the house and layering in new ones for the classic look they desired. We also solved a challenge posed by an out-of-alignment window and properly scaled the furniture to fit the space.

The investment:

Furnishings budget: $1,500 per m2 (excluding design fees)

Service: All Stages Custom Decorating

The destination:

Our clients’ final destination is a fresh, classic oasis that feels luxurious and comfortable all at once. Thick drapery adds warmth and elegance to the room and solved the window challenge. We also found this gorgeous armoire to hide the TV and beautifully shelter our well-traveled lady of the house’s extensive and stylish scarf collection!