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To transport you to that beautiful destination you call home, we have to know where you’re starting! Which of these sounds most like you?

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Not sure where to start?

You’ve waited long enough… at last, live beautifully.

Decluttering Your Home

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design & decorating project planner

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What’s delaying your forever home?

  • Time is a luxury and you’re busy, busy, busy
  • You need help expressing your classic style
  • You’re unsure of your best investments
  • You’re overwhelmed by choices

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About Journey Home Interiors

I help women who are frustrated and potentially even a little embarrassed about their home become house proud women. I work with you to create a home that welcomes family and friends by reflecting your timeless classic style.

By working with me, you’ll create the enduring forever home you’ve worked so hard for. Cut through the clutter and overwhelm to make decorating fun – like it should be. The decisions you need to make for your home renovation and decorating projects are big-ticket decisions, and I understand this. I help you make them with confidence and to take action quickly.

Wherever you might be on your journey home, I can’t wait to show you the way, or even do the tough parts for you! Let me lead you straight to the classic, forever space you’ve been waiting for…

At last, live beautifully.

At last, live beautifully.

The Living Beautifully Blog

Boost your design confidence. Celebrate classic style. Explore the latest in interior design & home decor.

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Top 3 Thing To Know When Creating a Furniture Layout For Function & Beauty

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