We trust you’ve followed our recent landscaping project, from the initial sketches to the challenges and learnings, and now to the final result The process has been a testament to the power of landscaping in elevating the appeal and value of our property.

Today we unveil the changes that have turned our outdoor space into an enjoyable and relaxing oasis, packed with functionality…


View from the back porch

View towards the side of property and existing carport and driveway.

View of the house, from the back boundary fence. Those terracotta pots have citrus in them, and were moved to surround the back seating area.


The gravel and soil is poured into the pathways and garden beds in the back utility area.

Sunny skies and the boys are constructing raised garden beds for my veggies!

The gravel and soil is raked into place, and the design begins to shape up…


As the hedge matures, it will hide the back utility space, and draw the eye towards the garden seat.

This seating will become a focal point of the garden, framed by a mature hedge. With Jasmine flourishing and growing up the trellis and citrus potted to each side, this area will be a gorgeous, sunny little haven, hidden from the house

The hens are happy in their new run. Albeit smaller than the last, this area is functional for them, and we may grow a creeper up the fence, or a little more greenery around the boundary to soften it. Three large compost bins will repurpose garden clippings and food waste into rich fertiliser, perfect for feeding the veggie garden. We’ll also plant larger veggies and a pumpkin patch in the soil here. The leaves will run along the ground and provide more greenary. There is plenty of lawn and room for entertaining, playing a spot of bocce, reading a book or enjoying or some backyard cricket.

The view from the back boundary fence towards the house has already lifted the look of the property. As the hedge grows, it will differentiate two areas within the garden, one functional, the other for fun!

And there you have it! A previously underutilised space has been reborn as a functional suburban sanctuary. I look forward to sharing some more photos as the garden matures and advances.

All projects require time and patience, and watching the gradual growth and maturation of the plants serves as a reminder that beauty unfolds over time, much like in life. The impact of landscaping on property value and overall appeal is both instant, and lasting.

As we enjoy our revitalised garden, we encourage you to consider the transformative potential of landscaping for your property. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a cosy patio, investing in landscaping can instantly enhance both the aesthetics and value of your home…

I’m off to tend to my new garden!



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