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Your forever home, your way

Imagine smiling each time you open your curtains. Imagine sighing contentedly whenever you walk into a room. Imagine generously opening your home to friends and family, with style and ease. That is living beautifully.

If you’re anything like me, you want a timeless, classic home that helps you achieve this lifestyle. Your journey to this forever home, however, is unique to you.

Whether you just want some help avoiding big-ticket mistakes, need a professional design plan, or want the entire project done for you, we have a suite of services to help. Choose your path, take action with confidence, and get ready to live beautifully at last.

Ask an Expert

Get Unstuck

From $500

Stuck in overwhelm? Afraid of making expensive mistakes? Not sure if your design works?

The phone-a-friend option, or these days “Zoom an expert”, is a fun and low-cost way to access my team’s expertise, solve problems, check your ideas, and move your decorating project forward with confidence.

You can also use this service to have your own dedicated designer provide guided access to our delicious fabric library.

If you spend your waking hours dreaming about your ideas but feel stuck on the execution, 1-on-1 coaching with a professional decorator is the answer.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Go at your pace

From $1,500

Have you ever said, “But I just need this” when talking about your decorating project?

If so, you have finally found a decorating service that gives you “just” the bits you need! My team helps you avoid big-ticket mistakes, take action with confidence, and discover gorgeous solutions to design dilemmas.

From soft furnishings to sofas and art, we’ll help you pull a room together with a design, shopping links, quotes, and the ability to purchase at your own pace.

Full-Service Custom Decorating

Done for you

From $7,500 per room

Furnishings budget from $25,000 per room

Isn’t it time to put yourself first? Don’t you deserve rooms that support and impress you?

This service is the fastest, most value-efficient path to a personalised room with comfort, quality, and timeless elegance. From floor to ceiling, we design, supply & install a total room solution that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

If you love the rooms in our portfolio, then let us take the legwork out of decorating your classic, forever space. All that’s left for you to do is… live beautifully.

Luxe Custom Decorating

Dream Home

From $60,000

Furnishings budget from $300,000

Furnishing an entire luxury home? Looking for beautiful furnishings that stand the test of time?

When decorating luxury homes for elevated results, there are hundreds of design details, decisions & coordination involved. It takes an expert to align style, flow, and your lifestyle, as well as supply & install the whole home.

Our Luxe decorating option meets these needs and more, preserving your time and headspace, optimising your investment, and leading you to results worthy of cracking open the bubbly!

Not sure which service is right for you?

Schedule a free 15-minute introductory call with Nadine to discuss your project and design challenges.

Nadine Neilson

Our services and decorating methods are for clients ready to move toward their stylish forever homes. Wherever your journey starts, we help you take action on big-ticket investments, proceed at your desired pace, and help you create a place you’re proud to call home!

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