It may be too late to completely redecorate your guest room with curtains and furniture in time for Christmas but there are several must-do things you can do to make your guest rooms ready for Christmas visitors.

Clear Out Clutter:

Firstly If you have used your guest room to store things, then clear it out ensuring that you have emptied cupboards and drawers for your guests to settle in comfortably.

Luggage Storage:

I suggest a luggage rack or trunk for your guest’s cases, particularly if you have older guests to save them from bending repeatedly. I have a girlfriend who tells her guests staying more than one night to unpack and make themselves at home fully. It’s so much tidier and more pleasant. Pictured (left): Journey Home Interiors Laguna Stool. An affordable guest room addition for luggage or guest belongings. Two at the end of a bed is a versatile way to add storage or seating options. Shop now.


Essentials Checklist

To streamline your preparations and focus on festive cooking, here’s a checklist of essentials for your guest room:

Fresh Sheets and Towels: Ensure your guests enjoy a clean and comfortable stay.
Blankets and Doonas: Especially important if your guests are from colder regions.
Tissue Box: Be ready for the notorious Canberra hay fever.
Waste Paper Bin: Keep the room tidy and functional.
Charging Station: Provide a power point or charging board for phones.
Wi-Fi Password: Make it easy for guests to connect.
Coasters, Trays, Placemats: Protect your furniture from spills and stains.

Sahara Rug - Journey Home Interiors Canberra silver and gold bedroom kingston bachelor pad design luxurious sophisticated masculine Sahara Rug - Journey Home Interiors Canberra

Luxury Touches…

For a more indulgent experience, consider adding:

A Scented Candle: Enhance the ambience with a pleasant fragrance. We currently have some gorgeous candles by Aspley & Company for sale in our Manuka Village studio!
Hand Cream: Pamper your guests with a little luxury.
Tourist Guide: Provide information about local attractions.
Choice of Pillows: Cater to different preferences.
Water Glasses and Jug: Keep your guests hydrated.
Hotel Style Bathroom Products: Many brands now offer small travel shampoos, conditioners and guest soaps. Consider these to add a little luxury. Hotel Style Dressing Gowns, Robes, and Slippers are perfect for guests to feel comfortable moving between the bathroom and bedroom, and great if you encourage a no-shoes policy.

To support your bathroom functionality during times of extra guests. Add a free-standing towel rack in or near the bathroom or in your guest’s room, or buy an over-door hanging rack.
Design Tip: When designing bathrooms don’t skimp on towel rails, whilst knobs are a subtle way to include guest hanging, be sure to tell your guests which towels to use and where their hanging spot is, it will make them feel comfortable knowing you have thought of their needs and save them from second-guessing where to find or place things.
Ensure your bathroom is guest-ready with these easy tips:
Free-Standing Towel Rack: Provide extra hanging space.
Clear Towel Instructions: Avoid wet towels on beds by guiding guests on towel usage.
Empty Vanity Drawers: Make room for your guests’ toiletries.
Waste Bins: Essential in both toilets and bathrooms.
Toiletry Supplies: Stock up on toilet paper, cotton wool balls, earbuds, and tissues.


Guest Room Investments:

Create a welcoming environment with these decor essentials:
Quality Mattress: Invest in a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. A mattress in a guest room will last up to 15 years, so spending a little money on comfort is well worth it. There’s nothing worse than a poor night’s sleep or next-day discomfort due to cheap foldouts, bad pillows, or sagging mattresses.
Lamps and Lighting: Ensure your guests have adequate lighting options.
Window Treatments: Provide easy-to-use options for both privacy and blocking out light.
Bedside Tables: Keep them clutter-free for convenience, and clear out drawers.
Chair or Stool: Consider putting an armchair or stool in the room for guests to sit.
Mirror: Essential for getting ready and can visually increase the size of a space.
Storage Options: If space permits, add a chest or console for extra storage.
Clothing Storage: Ensure there’s space for your guests to hang their clothes.


By addressing these key points, your guest room will be a welcoming retreat for your Christmas visitors, allowing everyone to focus on the joy of the season!

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