Custom Decorating Service

A blissful journey to your
magazine-worthy forever home

You know that glorious ‘reveal day’ you’ve seen on television? The one where the couple arrives to their redesigned home amid squeals of delight, happy tears, and flutes of bubbly?

That could be you and your forever home! And you don’t have to pause your full life or micromanage the details to get it.

With Custom Decorating, our experienced team takes the time to listen to your goals, understand your desired lifestyle, and fine-tune your unique aesthetic. Then we manage the project from concept to completion, leaving you with only the fun bits!

Let’s create a timeless, magazine-worthy space you’ll be delighted to call home.

Personal Boutique Service

Our Custom Decorating service is a boutique service offered at specific times of the year to ensure the beautiful projects can be delivered on time.


We are currently booked out until April 2022..

This service is for you if:

  • You want your forever house to feel like home
  • You plan to purchase 90% new furnishings
  • You want your choice of fabric for custom furnishings
  • You want to be involved in the design, but prefer not to manage logistical details
  • You’re ready to feel that you’ve finally made it!

How Custom Interior Decorating Works

Phase 1:
Consultation & Design (4-6 weeks)

We believe that the best designs are built upon a deep understanding of you, your desired lifestyle, and the aesthetic you love. During the Consultation & Design Phase, we take the time to establish a trusting relationship and create your vision for moving the design forward!

In this phase, we’ll:

  1. Measure your home, or room(s), and existing furniture
  2. Discover your functional needs for the space
  3. Refine your style goals into a design direction
  4. Help you decide which furniture you will keep for the final design
  5. Draw layout options and explain the pros/cons of each for your consideration
  6. Put time and expertise to bring together colour and fabric selections for you to choose from with our guidance
  7. Source furnishings and decor from our exclusive, boutique suppliers

What You’ll Receive:

Multiple consultations during the design phase

Furniture plans so you know exactly how the space fits your lifestyle.

Fully costed furnishings budget that includes delivery and installation for no surprises.

Holistic mood board to help you envision how it all fits together.

Phase 2:
Implementation (3-6 months)

You won’t see drastic changes during the majority of this hugely important phase, but we do a Tonne behind the scenes to save your precious time — placing orders, tracking deliveries, receiving shipments, and more. This is also the phase that includes your Forever Home Reveal Day!

In this phase, we’ll:

  1. Order, manage, and receive all furnishings for your home
  2. Supervise, followup, take on any headaches, so you don’t have to
  3. Implement all furnishings and decor in major installations(no need for you to run home 10 times for various deliveries)
  4. Styling your space with accessories for that classic, layered look
  5. Your Home at Last reveal day… pop, fizz, clink!



From $7,500 per room + furnishings budgets for major rooms starting around $35,000

Custom decorating services caters to three budget levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

To realistically plan for your decorating project, grab your Guide to Budgeting a Decorating project.  It’s a free guide to explain what different budgets buy across various furnishings categories.

Optional extras, priced by project:

  • Source original or custom artwork
  • Bespoke joinery, rug, and/or product design
  • Project management of trades (like painters, carpenters, etc.)
  • Interior design services for any new construction
  • Artist hand-rendered room illustration: $1,200

    How You’ll Feel:

    • Relieved you’ll never have a flat pack assembly or Art hanging related ‘domestic’ again
    • Confident in big ticket decisions and a final result you’ll love
    • Blissfully relaxed in a space that works perfectly for your lifestyle
    • Comfortable and sophisticated in your uniquely timeless space
    • That you’ve finally arrived.

    Top 3 Thing To Know When Creating a Furniture Layout For Function & Beauty

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