Ainslie Jewellery Box Cottage

The starting point:

Our clients’ 1920s Ainslie cottage required a substantial renovation to convert it from two flats in disrepair to one, small but delightful home. Their floor plan consisted of four bedrooms, but virtually nowhere to sit! 

The journey:

We redesigned the home’s floor plan, saved the kitchen fireplace, and detailed every element from paint to tiles, hinges to the light fixtures, even the doorbell.

The investment:

Construction budget: $350K-$500K

Service: Interior Design

The destination:

Our clients’ final destination is full of classic character, millwork, and a palette blending eggshell white and cool neutrals. Touches of blue invite relaxation and charm, and high-gloss finishes help reflect light around the small space, making it feel more open and inviting.

2018 HIA Award Winner for Renovation