Kingston Bachelor Pad

The starting point:

It had been 20 years since our client had last decorated his home, and newly on the doorstep of retirement, he was ready for a professional designed space à la Hamptons meets New York loft.

The journey:

Wardrobes, carpets, and even stair treads were in dire need of replacement, so we specified updates and developed a new furniture layout that would better accommodate his big screen TV. We also designed custom-built wall units, sourced furnishings, and installed everything!

The investment:

Renovation & construction budget: $100K-$200K

Furnishings budget: $1,100-$1,800 per m2 (excluding design services)

Service: All Stages Custom Decorating

The destination:

Our clients’ bachelor pad is a study in cool whites and dark tones, smokey grays and warm woods. Layers of luxurious textiles and surprising modernesque details create a retreat that is full of classic yet unique character. This is a pad that’s comfortable, luxurious, and undoubtedly suave.