Old Canberra

The motivation:

A young family moves into the ancestral family home, Canberras oldest most continually lived in home. The new lady of the house wishes to respect the family history and it’s heirlooms whilst creating a comfortable and inviting bedroom for guests.   The oddities of a room built even before electricity needed to be overcome.

The fix:

The tight space with multiple doorways was a small challenge for our layout work, we came up with a special sized bed to fit and still have room for bedside tables.  The effect of sloping floors were accommodated by our furnishing installers.   New curtains were coordinated with existing window furnishings.  New carpet, wallpaper and lighting set a foundation for our clients antiques mixed with new furniture, in this case accessories were selected from a  huge range throughout the  home.  We had original artworks reframed to fit the new décor and give them a new lease of life.

The services:

Fully furnished room service – Bedroom

Furnishings budget:  $ 1,800  per square metre excluding trades and design fees for a mix of silver and gold level decorating.

Photography by Rodrigo Vargas


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