Chisholm Beauty: Living Room

The starting point:

As their adult children started to move out, our clients imagined a living room retreat where they could host guests, have conversations, and feel beautifully at home. They also needed a hand focusing and paring down the many furnishings accumulated over the years.

The journey:

We encouraged our clients to install new carpet and avoid mismatched timber floors. Then we created a furnishings layout, design concept, and sourced the curtains, furniture, soft furnishings, accessories, and art.

The investment:

Furnishings budget: $1,500 per m2 (excluding design services)

Service: All Stages Custom Decorating

The destination:

Soft greens and flowy curtains create a restful space for our clients, and comfortable upholstered furniture is perfect for hours of relaxation and conversation. Meanwhile, traditional details in the sofa piping, woodwork, and lighting create the classic look our clients love.