1960s Deakin Revival: Bedroom

The starting point:

After postponing decorating their home for 30 years, our clients finally decided to update the space for a luxurious, cosy, and enjoyable retirement. They needed new paint, flooring, window treatments, and to brighten up a dark and dated bedroom.

The journey:

No one wanted to chop the treasured lemon tree blocking the window outside, but light was our biggest problem. We created a design plan and room layout that would maximise brightness and sourced complimentary furnishings, accessories and art.

The investment:

Furnishings budget: $1,500 per m2 (excluding design fees)

Service: All Stages Custom Decorating

The destination:

We paired simple accessories and lighting with gorgeous curtains, a velvet headboard, and soft layers. This keeps the room feeling comfortable, bright and luxurious without overcrowding it. We also added a mirrored wall to reflect light evenly throughout the space.