Pre-design consultation

A pre-design consultation is the first step in working with us. It can be:

  • the first meeting of a full-service design project, or
  • a standalone consultation to provide you with a scope of works for designing your space.

After our consultation, you will have a clearer idea of project costs.

Studio visit: $250

Full room decorating

We plan, draw, procure, oversee workrooms , install and decorate your room.

You just get on with your life and enjoy the thrill of reveal day!

To avoid any surprises, we offer a flat decorating fee based on your scope of works.

Your project’s design fee and budget will be estimated in your pre-design consultation. 

Interior design for construction

Don’t let construction, renovations or extensions wear you down.

When you need a cohesive look for your home’s spaces, fixtures and finishes both inside and out, we’ll listen to your ideas and then design and take care of the paperwork.

We’ll give your builder a professionally documented set of specifications to execute your vision.

Your project’s design fee will be estimated in your pre-design consultation. Typically allow 5–10% of your build budget towards design.

Interior Design & Decoration