Journey Home offers a range of services with a focus on classic, timeless interiors.

Pre-Design Consultation

A Pre-design consultation is the first step in our relationship, It can be the first meeting of a full-service project, or it can be a standalone consultation to provide you with a game plan for designing your home.   

When embarking on a major renovation or decorating project you may have questions such as……………

  • Where do I start?
  • How much do I need to spend?
  • Will my budget cover everything I want to do?
  • Which projects will add the most value to my home or business?
  • How long will it take?
  • What projects should I tackle first and in what order?

A pre-design consultation does not result in specific design outcomes such as “put a blue over there” it focuses on providing a road map for your project. Meeting me in person also helps you assess whether I am the right fit for your project.

Our first meeting will be in my studio where we will:

  • Define your style and functional requirements.
  • Discuss your project ideas and new ideas you may not have thought of yet.
  • Define how far your budget will go and how much to allocate to each project.
  • Define which projects will add value or best meet your goals.
  • Define a timeframe for the design and implementation of your project.

After your Pre-Design Consultation, you will have a clear plan for a successful project and how much to budget for it.  You will also know how much it would cost for a Full-Service Interior Design and Decoration package, specific to the interiors of your space.

Pre-design consultation $250

To ask me questions or schedule your pre-design consultation click here.

Interior Decorating

Fully Furnished Room Service

At last live beautifully! You deserve to come home to stylish, comfortable rooms with nothing left to do but to enjoy.   I listen to your ideas and apply my expertise and process for designing and delivering on the fully furnished room of YOUR dreams.  Avoid mistakes, save your time and money and get it done with magazine worthy results.   

Home Make over top 3 Essentials

I’ve discovered the Top 3 things to breathe new life into your tired home, no reno required. Flooring, paint and window treatments are the three key areas that wear and date your home and I see people updating them in the wrong order and badly all the time.  My Home makeover Top 3 service will take the mistakes and hassles out of your project.     

Designer drapes and Blinds

Escape from the man in the van with his cheap, boring roller blinds!   If you have a flair for design I can work with you to create classy window treatment solutions, and I am up with all the techy bells and whistles including motorization.  PS I don’t offer free measure and quotes, I will only work with people looking for gorgeous solutions and quality window treatments. 

Interior Design

Interior Design for Construction

Renovating, extending or building your classic style home?  I am the person on your design team who will champion your right to have an an elegant classic home and I speak “Tradie”! I know how to incorporate your lifestyle with those elegant timeless interiors you’ve been dreaming of and I can't wait to talk classic interiors with you. 

Classic Kitchens and Bathrooms

Dreaming of a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry or library?  I love classic detailing and have a practical sense for modern living.   Choose your level of assistance from colour and specifications through to full design and project documentation.

Designer for a Day

Designer for a Day

You are loving the creativity of designing your build and will happily do the leg work needed for a successful outcome but there are one or two things tricking you up.   A day of VIP shopping, expert advice and problem solving on any aspect of your construction design will give you the confidence to continue your Journey creating your amazing home.

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To get started or gain assistance to choose the right services for your project begin with a pre-design consultation in our studio.

Interior Design & Decoration