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Stuck in overwhelm? Afraid of making expensive mistakes? Not sure if your design works?

Decorating your own home can be an exciting and rewarding process, but it can be difficult without expertise or experience.

If you’re daydreaming about your DIY decorating ideas but feel stuck on making decisions, asking a professional decorator is the answer…

Get 1-on-1 Access to a Decorating Expert

Hello, decorating confidence.

Our “Ask an Expert” service is right for you if…

  • You’re DIY decorating to save on professional design fees
  • You’re tired of information overwhelm and need advice you can trust
  • You want an expert’s eye on your ideas so you don’t make expensive mistakes
  • You can’t find what you are looking for
  • You feel stuck due to indecision
  • You want access to our extensive fabric library and our range of classic furniture, rugs, lighting and décor items
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In each session with an expert, you will meet one of our experienced decorators in the studio or via Zoom. They’ll help solve your current decorating dilemmas so you feel confident to proceed with your project.

How It Works

Decorate at your own pace.

  1. In your first 1-hour session, we’ll take a couple of minutes to understand your total project and guide you on how to best use your time with our expert.
  2. We will use the remaining time, or sessions (if you choose our 6-session package) to help solve your decorating problems or decorate together.
  3. We record and share every Session (if done through Zoom) with you, so you can go back over it at any time.
  4. After each Session, you will receive a link to book another session and keep your project moving.
  5. Complete your DIY decorating project, live beautifully & show off your achievement!

Meet Your Decorating Coaches

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The Journey Home Team

When you work with the Journey Home decorating team, you get access to our decade of hands-on experience designing hundreds of classic-style homes across NSW. Best of all, you get a professional who genuinely understands what it is like to want to create your forever home now, while you can enjoy it.

Together, we will help you feel…

  • Confident in your decorating decisions and investments
  • Overjoyed in your ability to finally complete the home you dream of
  • Excited to live in your beauty, comfort, and sophistication
  • Proud to entertain and show off your great taste!

Don’t let “someday” turn into never. Get the decorating confidence you need to succeed today.

Book Your Session

1 Session (Zoom)

1 Session (Studio)

6 Session Package

HOW TO select design materials with confidence home renovation build

Free resources to get you started. 

Wondering what your renovation or build will require? Download our worksheet for the 10 steps you’ll need to design the home you’ve always imagined! Grab our free guide “How To Select Design Materials With Confidence” below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can coaching work if you can’t see my home in person?

As experts with over a decade of experience, we have solved every manner of dilemma (it takes a lot to surprise us!) and we are also accustomed to looking at spaces online. This means that we can solve many problems without ever setting foot in your place. 

For example, in a recent phone conversation with a client, she proposed to use Lexicon White paint colour on the wall. We were able to advise her that this colour is a cold white with blue tones and was not going to achieve the warm home she wanted, so the mistake (and associated time and expense of fixing it) was avoided. That’s the benefit of coaching!

What does 1-on-1 Decorating Coaching cost?

We are confident that your investment in a Coaching Session(s) will be equal to or less than the amount you will save with our advice. Simply choosing the right size sofa for your home can save you thousands of dollars! And that is just one decision in a room full of many.

To fit a variety of needs, we offer two pricing options. A single Coaching Session is $400, while our 6-Session package is $1,500 and can be used within 6-12 months at your pace.

How do I know if 1 or 6 Coaching Sessions are right for me?

If you feel stuck on a particular design dilemma or unsure which next step is best for moving your project forward, a single Coaching Session can give you the clarity and confidence you need to proceed. If you want long-term support, decorating help, and maybe even some accountability to take your project all the way to completion, 6-sessions is the way to go.

Do I need to have a specific decorating budget to work with you?

No. We have experience working at a variety of budget levels and can give you the best advice for maximising your investment for your decorating goals.

How do I know if 1-on-1 Coaching will work for me?

If you have been feeling stuck, overwhelmed, indecisive, or eager for advice you can trust, coaching is right for you. In fact, we are so confident it works that we will refund or redo the session if you aren’t satisfied.

What if I don’t get coaching for my decorating project?

This is what we have seen and heard from our clients…

Procrastinating or saying “someday I’ll do it” usually results in years of suffering the conflicting advice of friends and family. You will likely spend more time and money on items that don’t create the look and feel you imagine. (This is when we usually get called in to fix it.) The combined disappointment is often so exhausting that time passes by and you may never achieve your forever home. This is heartbreaking!

You deserve to live your life in beauty, peace, comfort, and pride, and even small yet consistent steps can help you get there. This is why coaching is so powerful and life-changing. 

Still not sure if “Ask an Expert” is right for you?

We would be happy to chat! Schedule a free 15-minute introductory call with Nadine to discuss your project and decorating challenges.

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