How should you begin your home decorating project? Where do you start? Whom should you enlist for support or assistance?

These are some of the most common questions that come up when deciding to decorate a home. Though I’m tempted to dive into our 4-Stage Signature Decorating Method, the truth is that there are several items to consider before you even begin with Stage 1. 

These are scope, time frame, budget, and resources required. Below, I’m sharing a bit more info about each and showing you precisely how to take action!

Scope of Your Home Decorating Project

According to ye olde Google, scope is “the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant”. Fair enough.

In the context of home decorating, scope is defined as the extent of work to be done on your space. What will change? What will be added or subtracted? Will you be replacing flooring or rewiring electrical, or is it simply an aesthetic update?

Take Action:

In one column of a chart, make a list of goals for your space. In the column beside it, write each of the things that must happen to achieve that goal. By the end, you should have a well-defined list for the scope of your home decorating project.

Resources Needed for Your Home Decorating Project

The resources you’ll need for your home decorating project largely depend on your availability, budget (more on that below), and skills. 

Availability-wise, you may only have the time to have meetings with a designer, or you might have the manpower to do all your own ordering, furniture assembly, and be on hand for tradesmen at call. Skill-wise, you’ll have to decide whether you have the skills and the eye to pull together a space you love. If not, bear in mind the learning curve or the desire to get a professional, personalised decorating plan. 

There’s no right or wrong — it’s a personal decision.

Take Action:

Ask yourself: “Am I firmly in the  DIY camp, the just-get-it-done camp, or somewhere in the middle?” 

  • As a DIYer, your resources will be limited but your personal involvement (and the learning curve) will increase
  • If you just want it done, a professional will save you from being heavily involved and the project will be completed faster
  • If you’re somewhere in the middle, you can get professional assistance (such as our 4-Stage Signature Decorating service) that you can carry out at your own pace

Budgeting for Your Home Decorating Project

Despite appearances, decorating is a serious business. The financial investment (regardless of your position on the wealth ladder) can be significant. But the investment is worth it. 

Whether the home comes together quickly or over time, for many, their forever home is their last opportunity to create the well deserved home they’ve always dreamed of. 

What do Classic decor and furnishings really cost? Get our free expert guide!

Realistically plan for your next decorating project with our free guide to home furnishings budgeting worksheet!

Take Action:

  1. Download our Guide to Budgeting Your Home Furnishings to get an idea for your total investment.
  2. Include the resources you’d like to invest in from the section above. 
  3. Decide if you have the money now or if your project needs to be incremental. If incremental, over what period of time? 

If you still aren’t sure how to create an interior decorating budget, we can help you plan it out (along with scope, timeline, etc.) with our Roadmap Home Service.

Time Frame of Your Home Decorating Project

Time frame is hugely important to a project, though tricky to nail down. I’ve listed it last because your project’s timeline is largely determined by everything we discussed so far — the scope of your project, your budget, and the resources you’d like.

In general, the design phase, ordering furnishings, and receiving them takes significant time. Even with a professional, a home decorating project can take 1 to 2 quarters. On your own, it could be longer. 

Take Action:

  1. Answer the following questions for yourself:
  • By when would you like the project finished? 
  • Are there any special occasions, deadlines, or interruptions coming up?
  • If your project will be incremental, how many phases will it take?
  1. Knowing that a decorating project takes 1-2 quarters, use your ideal project end date to count backward. Account for any occasions (such as going on holiday) or pauses if you’ll have project increments.
  2. Give yourself a buffer of another month or two, just to be safe. The month you’ve identified is when you should start your project or start contacting the professionals who will help you.

Again, if this is proving difficult to plan it out, our Roadmap Home Service will set you on the right path. We’ll help you with your budget, timeline, scope, and give you actionable steps for moving forward efficiently and confidently.


I am all about action-takers these days. I am approaching 50 years old soon and my forever home is calling me. No matter what age you call your own, it’s time to live beautifully, don’t you think?

To take that first step, download our Guide to Budgeting Your Home Furnishings, or heck, just book a call with us and we’ll point you in the right direction!

To you and living beautifully at last,

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