Well, my dear friends, our small but mighty design team has outgrown our latest, admittedly temporary, studio in Queanbeyan. It feels like just yesterday that I was planning the move out of my home studio, but many bumped chairs and elbows later (in said temporary premises), we are off to a much more accommodating studio…

I’m happy to say we’re in the beginning stages of renovating our new spot in the little arcade called Manuka Village!

We will update our address as soon as we have more to show you, but for those of you who know your dress shops, it’s behind Perri Cutten and Witchery in the Manuka Village arcade… This could be dangerous!

Above all, we are so excited to be part of the buzzing atmosphere in Manuka — and to bring the classic Journey Home, Hamptons-inspired flair to Forrest. No promises on the timeline, but rest assured that you will receive a formal welcome once we’re up and running.

Designing the New Journey Home Studio

Our goal with the studio fit out is to create a welcoming and high-end experience for our custom clients, as well as having plenty of room to spread out and get creative when consulting our Ask an Expert and Choose Your Own Adventure clients virtually.

We can’t wait to be able to spread out your design plans and presentations on big tables after years of working on my coffee table!

The space will also give us room to grow our fabric library. My long-term goal is to have the absolute pick of fabric options when it comes to classic style. Already, we are so excited to receive our Thibaut sampling, which for me was better than Christmas.

On the renovating side, I have been needing to get my money mindset around the costs. This is where I am having to swallow my own medicine, so to speak, about prioritising what’s important…


A Taste of My Own Medicine

I want you to know that even though I am very vocal about not being afraid to invest in your forever home, I struggle with the same questions, indecision, and fears that you do.

For example, the cost of our new kitchenette could buy about 2,400 cups of coffee. That’s a lot of coffee. Is it worth it? Well, scrimping over secondhand pieces or Kaboodle and IKEA options would increase my legwork. This would take me away from serving my clients (my true passion and our source of revenue) and, frankly, those secondhand and retail items would kind of be a disappointment in the studio. How can we lead the way in classic design using IKEA? We can’t. It just doesn’t cut it.

So, what am I going to do? By selecting one of the two recommendations I always make to clients:

  1. Decide that it’s worth the expense, commit, and go all-in on the project
  2. Decide that it’s worth the expense, commit to phases, and carry out the design over time

Either way, the key is to have a plan and commit to it.

We’ve selected the Option #1, taking massive action on detailing and ordering, getting in tradesmen’s and production queues, and starting now. We know there are worldwide delays and shortages due to COVID, so we’re starting as soon as possible.

By March next year, I am hoping our studio will be looking pretty swish, fingers crossed! We’d love to give you a special sneak preview…

Meeting Area: Design Concept A


Meeting Area: Design Concept B


Kitchenette Design Concept



This drawing shows the basic set out of the kitchenette. It will also have the addition of profile doors to give it the classic Hamptons design vibe, but with a gloss black… just because I’ve always wanted to do a black kitchen. It’s sexy right? We will be adding a mirror above the sink to replicate a window, complete with gorgeous Roman blind, which I can’t wait to show you.

Fabric Sampling Racks (but in white)

Journey-Home-Australia-Griffith-Interior-Design-Decorator-Forever-Home-Fabric-SamplesObviously, we will need a home for Canberra’s most fabulous and classic fabrics! We are really keen to create a home for classic interiors in Canberra, so you don’t have to drive to Bowral to find quality in the style you like.

Window Displays: The First and Second


Some pieces from my home will be an option for the first window display while we wait for pieces for the second to arrive. They are technically already on order, but due to COVID delays in our build, we are still waiting…


Rightly or wrongly, we are known for blue, so I couldn’t help but do a navy blue feature wall in our first display and use a chinoiserie fabric print. It will have the true Hamptons feel, high quality fabric and bedroom furniture (not just any old crap painted white!).

There you have it. This is just the preliminary design plan, so I will keep you posted as it comes to life. I personally can’t wait to open shop and see how this new endeavor impacts the Canberra community.

If you have been following along with me for a while, you know that I am often frustrated with the overly modern and cold style of most designs and products in our area. Safe to say, I’m on a mission to bring timeless, classic style to the ACT!

I hope you’ll join me.



Photographer Credit: Maree Homer



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