If you’re like me, you have probably read or experienced firsthand the challenges with renovating or designing your home during the pandemic. It’s true that our industry has seen some changes, from long wait times for furnishings, to booked builders and trades, to the price increases caused by high demand and material shortages. But…I want to offer you another perspective.

First, if there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that our homes are one of the biggest contributors to our wellbeing. It’s where we spend a significant amount of our time, gather with our families, and start and finish each day. It’s the centre of our lives, whether you’re still actively working or are one of the lucky ones enjoying a blissful retirement.

If you want to update your home right now — whether that’s renovating, redecorating, or furnishing — it’s still possible. We’re achieving progress for our clients from our new Manuka Village studio every single day. In fact, there are even some benefits of starting now…



1. You have more time to make smart decisions.

Although many projects are taking longer than they were two years ago, instead of seeing that as a reason not to start, see it as a way to take your time on the planning phase.

Even in normal times, the best way to achieve your ideal forever home is to plan out every detail before any purchases are made or any room is demolished. Knowing that projects are going to take a bit longer, regardless of how quickly you make decisions, means that you have the freedom to get really strategic about the design of your home or renovation. (Like working with that design professional you’ve been eager to engage.)

2. You can spread out your investment over a longer period.

Another advantage of these longer project timelines is that they present an opportunity to spread out your investment. For example, instead of investing in everything you want and need within a 6-month time period, that same project might take 12 months instead. Great! That’s more time to save and start recouping your investment before you’ve even finished.

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3. A professional can help you do it faster.

Another reason not to let these challenges derail your motivation is that with the right team, they don’t need to become serious setbacks. For example, we can help you avoid long delays by sourcing from vendors that we know have inventory readily available. Or, we can help you select items that we personally have in stock in our studio.

But above all, we stay up to date on the industry (it’s our job), and as they say, knowledge is power. We are happy to use our resources and insights to make your design journey much smoother than it would be on your own. (Take a peeksie here to see which level of support is right for you.)

4. Progress is still progress.

Last but not least… The biggest reason not to postpone designing your forever home is that any progress made, even slow progress, is still a forward step toward your goals. I’m afraid to say that the current supply-demand situation won’t be fixed any time soon.

Waiting a year (for example) for your project to be complete is still faster than it would be if you waited another year to start. How could you be living differently in that time? How would you feel? How would you gather and connect with others?

I can tell you that I’ve recently experienced TWO big redesigns over the last two years — my bathroom and our new design studio — and both have led to increased joy, confidence, clarity, and self-care. Even as a designer, my increased level of joy and quality of life surprised me! And I know it will surprise you too.

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How can we help?

Choose Your Own Adventure: Get help with just the bits you need. Window treatment design? Furniture selection? An area rug? You choose.

Ask an Expert: Work 1-on-1 with us virtually to tackle your design or decorating projects in 1-hour blocks as your project progresses. The best way to get expert advice and decision-making confidence without a large investment.

Or, view our other specialty services here. I know without a doubt that you will feel like the best version of yourself and live your very best life in a home that is designed just for you. So why wait?


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