Well now, it has been quite a while since my last blog post, hasn’t it? Believe me, it was not for lack of ideas (you know I always have something to say), but so much has been happening behind the scenes that I simply haven’t found the time.

Now that I do have a moment to sit down with you, I’d love to share what we’ve been working on, explain my absence, and invite you to join us in some of our newest endeavours. Let’s start from the top…

1. Finding & Hiring New Team Members

If you have ever had to hire and train staff, you know it’s harder than it looks. As a business owner, you have the idea that, Oh, I’ll just put out an advertisement for this amazing role and the perfect person will come along! That’s not quite how it goes.

We’ve recently been advertising for a decorator role. You are probably aware that recruiting is hard in all industries right now, and we are no exception. Couple that with this weighty feeling of responsibility to ensure that our new designer/decorator is right for our clients. Because this business is, after all, about you.

I like to think that I’ve listened over the last 10 years, and I know our clients really well. You come to us for classic, cosy comfort, forever homes and spaces that say something about your style. You have your ideas and are looking for collaboration combined with expertise. Contrary to some beliefs (those who would never book a designer), our clients are not a bunch of rich or superficial folks with money to burn. They have worked hard to arrive at a place in their life where they can set their home up, and they value their time and resources. They want someone they trust to get it right — and I want to be and find those people for you.

Then, there’s the style side of things. Just because you tell me “I don’t want modern”, it doesn’t mean you want Nanna decorating either. You live a modern life. If you’ve been around the Canberra area for long, you know that classic, sophisticated, and fresh interior design is difficult to find. I have to protect you from the industry which will try to push you into something you don’t want, like mainstream minimal or, even worse, Scandi mid-century modern.

For me, it’s equally important that any team members share this approach. So, I am putting it out there into the world…

Maybe you know someone? If so, I would love for you to send any passionate and talented classic decorators to our little corner of the world! They will be in good company.

2. Improving Our Clients’ Experience

We are also working hard behind the scenes to streamline our processes and elevate our clients’ experience. This is a combination of improving project management, increasing our staff, and taking even more work off our clients’ plates. Like anything in life, we’re not perfect, but we are always improving!

For project management, we now use a program called Asana, that is keeping everything extra organised and on track.  Did the cushion get sent? Did the curtain workroom receive the fabric? Did the rug delivery service go well? How are we at resolving that claim issue? Audrey manages each project with precision and efficiency — and it shows!

With supply chain delays, we have even begun to coordinate storage services so that new furnishings can be safely stored out of the way whilst clients renovations are completed. You wouldn’t believe how much work this saves our clients from having to do.

For example, our clients’ bathroom is just about done and we are busy getting ready to install their rumpus room furnishings. We’ve got accessories and art stored at our own warehouse (some of you have been there when we did the big sale a while back), big furniture in the Queanbeyan depot, and we have lined up art hangers, our curtain installer, and extra staff to help set up on the day.

These are all things that our clients don’t have to worry about! We do all this leg work to make your dream interior a reality, stress-free and with the highest quality of service possible.

3. Putting the Finishes Touches on Our Manuka Village Studio

It seems like ages ago that I was telling you about our new storefront and studio in Manuka Village. We had big dreams for the design, and as it was with so many items ordered over the last year, patience was required. Finally, finally, we have some more progress to share with you…

The new blind and mirror has now been installed above our kitchenette, completing the look. We have also received our design benches! Audrey and I absolutely love them. It’s so great being able to set out all of our work, present design concepts to clients, and feel like we can “stretch out” creatively. (Check out our video on Instagram!)

That’s it for now, but if you have been with us on this journey, I can’t thank you enough for trusting us with your home, being part of our story, and letting us be part of yours, too. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really about. Thank you.




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