As you come out of winter hibernation, you may be getting swept up in that spring feeling: flowers bloom, birds sing, and the outside air is just warm enough to crack those windows open. Finally.

This time of year always feels like the world is coming back to life and, naturally, many of us look at our homes with industrious eyes, wondering how we can freshen them up. Of course, spring decorating is the most desirable pursuit (and I have some ideas for you below), but before we can usher in the new…


First, the Joys of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, whilst probably obvious to us both, is worth a mention before talking about spring decorating tips. To bring in the new, we have to make space for it. The usual suspects include decluttering, organising, washing, and dusting. My advice?


Step 1: Book a Whole Home Cleaning

I highly recommend outsourcing the spring cleaning to your favourite cleaners. In my opinion, this is not a splurge. Rather, it’s a smart way to allow yourself to focus on the tasks that only you can do: deciding what stays, what goes, and how to decorate for long-term happiness.

In fact, many homeowners get so stuck in the cleaning process that they’re tired before they even begin styling their interiors. So, really, if you think about it, investing in cleaners is a rather small price to pay to be able to get where you really want to go. (Read more on outsourcing household tasks guilt-free.)



Step 2: Deep Clean Rugs & Upholstery

After winter hibernation, your rugs and upholstery will have also had a good workout, so these are great items to get professionally cleaned, in addition to more traditional cleaners. No, your eyes may not have noticed the dust gathering over these cold months, but a good clean will leave you with that “fresh out of the dryer” scent and a healthier home overall. We have personally used Morgan’s Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning before with great results.


Step 3: Declutter & Organise

Okay, now it’s your turn to step into the mix. Remove items that no longer serve you and organise spaces that could better support your daily routine. Keep in mind that decluttering and organising your indoors is a great activity whilst it is still cool. And, in my experience, you will also be surprised at how ticking off that task will make you feel!

Helpful Tip: If letting go is hard to do, I have created a guide with Headspace Tips for Decluttering with Conviction. Worth a read.

Okay, enough about the prep work. Spring decorating ideas were requested and spring decorating ideas you shall have..



Idea 1. Decorate for the Whole Year

I have to be honest…I’m not one to decorate for the seasons. I’m very much a do-it-once-and-do-it-right type of person. So when you’re thinking about decorating for spring, why not decorate for the whole year? It will save you time, money, and storage space by keeping the need for seasonal decorating to a minimum. Just a thought.


Idea 2. Decorate Season-Specific Rooms

My second decorating tip — which will suit those of you lucky enough to have a home with rooms to spare — is to consider decorating those rooms slightly geared toward the season in which you use them. For example, if you have a spare bedroom that only gets used during the holiday season, why not design them in a fashion that fits your overall home but is suited for summer? You could include crisp, warm-weather colours, light materials and fabrics (like linen or jute), etc.



Idea 3. Change Out Doona Covers

You’re sensing a theme here, aren’t you? The less work, the better. I often observe changing out doona covers to fill a gap where decorating just hasn’t happened. My main bedroom is a perfect example of an undecorated room that gets attention through new doona covers, yet our front guest bedroom is beautifully decorated (following Idea #2) and I never feel a need to change it around.


Idea 4. Add Soft Furnishings in Spring Palettes

Beautiful fabrics are addictive, I know. If you have fun changing out soft furnishings with the seasons, try new cushions, pillows, or doona covers in a spring palette. My tip for a harmonious result is to not ignore but include some of the existing colours already in your room. Just be sure to tie it all together.

On a personal note, I don’t find early spring in Canberra to be the time to start packing away blankets and throws. I wait a little longer for that.



Idea 5. Bring In Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers are super trendy right now, but they do create a more autumn vibe. However, you could add a few flowers to those dried arrangements as a nod to spring or change out dried arrangements for real or faux flowers themselves. (Don’t hate the faux. It looks a lot more real than it used to be.)


Idea 6. Place Spring Napkins in the Dining Room

I like to use more traditional napkins with meals, as they cut down on waste and make every meal feel a little special. If you have a dining room (whether you use it or not), adding pretty spring napkins is an easy way to invite a fresh touch to the space.


Idea 7. Light Spring-Scented Candles

Scent is part of your experience of your home, so don’t leave it out! I love to change my scented candles from heavier winter scents (like vanilla, spice, and juniper) to fresh vibrant florals, such as verbena, citrus, and sandalwood. A quick google search for spring scents will give you a plethora of options.

In case you’re looking for a recommendation, I spoke with Miescha from Lilly Cooper homewares in Manuka, and her favourite scent for spring is Mrs. Darcy’s Rose Citrus and White Blossom. You heard it here first.



Idea 8. Drape Florals over a Mantel or Console

Why not take some inspiration from the floral displays in the beautiful area of the Canberra centre? You could try draping flowers through your chandelier, over your mantel, or on a console. Just be careful not to cause a fire hazard…don’t place them near bulbs!

For a draping effect, you will need to be generous when working out your quantities. I shocked the shopkeeper when I was buying hot pink faux flowers for our spring porch display: I’ll buy the lot and do you have any more out the back? More the merrier, if you want this look.


Idea 9. Fill the Fireplace

What happens after winter comes to a close and your fireplace is no longer in commission? It likely sits there staring at you for the next several months. Why not make it a focal point instead? After you have enjoyed your last cosy fire, fill the fireplace gap with a large basket.


Idea 10. Prep or Procure Outdoor Furniture

Every year, right about this time, I start feeling guilty about not having sanded and oiled my lovely teak outdoor furniture during winter. This is the moment when I will start to kick myself into gear on this task. (Again, I’ve learned that outsourcing is always a great idea to make things actually happen.)

With the supply chain queues these days, it is also time to start taking action on your outdoor decorating projects, assuming, of course, that you plan to have outdoor rooms ready for summer entertaining. If you haven’t created an outdoor space you love, why not make this the year?


We’re decorating a large front porch entry for a client. Particularly loving the botanical artwork!


Idea 11. Stop by Our Store in Canberra

Last but not least, if you’re looking for spring decorating ideas AND timeless, classic furnishings that you will love season after season, we’re the shop for you. Stop by our store in Manuka Village to browse around, say hello, and ask your burning questions. I guarantee it will be time well spent. Hope to see you soon!

To your most beautiful living,


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