Can you guess which design questions clients ask me inside their homes? Today I’m sharing the top 5! Some are extremely common. Some made me smile when I heard them. And some of these might even be questions you’ve had when considering professional design.

Let’s hear them, shall we?

Question 1. Do you understand my style? 

The most common statements prospective clients say in our first discussion is “I don’t like minimal” or “I like elegant”. They know they have come to Journey Home to start the discussion because our projects are layered and classic, but they really want to be sure that we get them. Their home is different to those in our portfolio and they have their own ideas as well.

So yes even though they like our variety of work, they don’t want a copy of someone else’s Hamptons classic — and we’re all about classic spaces that are personal.

We’ve also heard, “Do I get a say in the design?” This is one of my favorite design questions, because of course you get a say! What kind of people would we be if we designed your home without listening to you?

The beauty of working with a decorator is that we deliver on rooms that are customized to your style and lifestyle requirements, and our services are very consultative.

For example, stepping things out in stages gives you specific points of control (4 Stage Signature Decorating). With All Stages Custom Decorating, we’ve even had our clients tell us that they love our fun meetings, such as fabric and furniture selections.

deakin blue bedroom classic comfortable head board bed pillows custom

Classic design, customized to our Deakin client‘s aesthetic.


Question 2. Have you worked on a big house like this before?

This was a funny one for me. I was looking at a big house — I am talking shopping centre size — and noted how big it was, which worried my prospective client (for All Stages Custom Decorating). So she asked me, “Have you worked on a big house like this before?”  

Fortunately, yes, I had worked on some very large homes before, though not quite as big as this one.  I got the job, and now that we’ve nearly finished the project, I was reminded of an important point…

Decorating large homes is easier! In fact, our All Stages Custom Decorating service is geared toward delivering on multiple-room decorating projects $75k and upward. Even with large rules, the same design principles apply.

Multi-room projects are also easier to manage a budget for. I’ve seen people spend a fortune reupholstering a chair in a design fabric and then have no money for the rest of the room… which makes the chair feel pointless and lost. Multi-room projects allow us to address the space holistically and plan for what you want.

Our goal in this particular home was to create cosier spaces within the large rooms. Because we addressed the whole home at once, we could create flow and synergies with massive furniture and curtain installations. We delivered on the design concept and furnished 8 rooms to a really high standard within a year. 

A project this large is extremely difficult for a client to handle themselves, or even an interior designer who consults but is not familiar with project managing, furniture purchases, freight, and installations. 

Delivering full and complete rooms is how you get magazine-worthy rooms!

deakin home interior design classic aesthetic neutrals stone wicker australia decorating design
This project in Deakin really was featured in a magazine!

Question 3. Do you have access to good tradesmen?

That’s a really important question. “Why yes we do,” is the simple answer. We know that tradesmen can be tiring to manage on your own, especially if time is a resource you love to protect. 


As we’ve championed our clients’ right to beautiful homes over the years, we have gotten to know which tradesmen do a good job and who is reliable. 


Of course, it’s not a one-solution-fits-all approach. Builders and tradesmen specialise in different types and size jobs, and their availability can vary. Once the scope of work is clear, we can recommend the right person for our clients.

apartment remodel built in bookcase tv console interior decorating canberra masculine classic
In this project, our tradesmen helped with flooring, window treatment installation, and more.

Grab Your Design Project Planner

Cut through the fluff to discover what you REALLY want done around your home.

This planner helps you prioritise your goals and create an action plan to proceed with design confidence.

Question 4. Can I just do this stage?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard design questions like this, well, my forever home would have been completed long before it actually was! 

In the past, we have only offered All Stage Custom Decorating Services – which includes decorating for full rooms and project management every step of the way. But I’ve listened to hundreds of people who just want help with just this part or just that part.

Some want to create their forever homes over time. Some want to work on the project themselves to save money.  Some want to flex their creative skills but just need a bit of help on specific things that are tricking them up.  

Of course, I realized I wanted to help anyone in this situation, too. And that’s where Journey Home’s Signature 4-Stage Decorating Method was born. Wherever your journey starts (beginning? middle? end?), we support you in taking action on big-ticket investments, proceeding at your desired pace, and creating a place you’re proud to call home!     

Okay, so we aren’t promising to come out for $80 and build it with match sticks, but if you are serious about taking action, we’ve got the steps that will let you break it down over time and still get that holistic, beautiful result you’ve been imagining. 😉

canberra best interior designer home decor selecting furniture together classic style

Question 5. “We have stuff… Can you use it?”

Yes, we can. We know that part of classic look and a meaningful one is layering in items you already have and love. If you’re downsizing, we’ll help you address your new space and existing furnishings to decide which make the most sense for the home and your desired lifestyle.

When we design homes, it’s all about creating the place that feels the most authentic, inspiring, and beautiful to you. That’s how we ensure that your forever home inspires your most beautiful living, now and down the track.

Were any of these design questions you’ve had before? Or did I miss one you’ve been pondering lately? If so, I hope you’ll book a 15-minute chat with us to get those design questions answered. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Your forever home awaits!


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