Custom Decorating Service

An effortless journey to establish your

forever home

Incorporating design, planning, sourcing, supply, installation and styling. You can rely on our experienced design team to guide you through the process of  your decorating project. Our aim is to streamline the process ensuring costly mistakes are minimised and save your time and energy, allowing you to enjoy the transformation of your forever home. By trusting us to design and decorate your entire house or complete room, you’re guaranteed a cohesive approach and our signature classic and timeless design.

the ultimate

PersonalISED, Boutique Service

Our Custom Decorating service is a boutique service provided by Canberra’s most experienced classic decorator. Nadine is usually booked several months in advance so do book a chat to discuss your project schedule.

This service is for you if:

  • You want your forever house to feel complete
  • You plan to renew the majority of your furnishings (retaining hero and heirloom pieces are of course, okay!)
  • You delight in glorious fabrics for custom furnishings
  • You want your classic style reflected in the design
  • You prefer not to manage logistical details
  • You’re ready to take action
  • You’ve reached a time in your life where you are ready to enjoy finer things

Luxury custom decorating is not for you if:

  • You wish to keep most of your existing furniture
  • You are seeking an advice-only service, so you can shop online
  • You want us to recommend cheap or low-quality furniture
  • You are after a master plan to action over the long term

If you have a smaller project in mind, we are happy to help, why not explore our services or book a chat and we can guide you to the right service?

How Custom Interior Decorating Works

Phase 1:

Consultation & Design (4-6 weeks)

We believe that the best designs are built upon a deep understanding of you, your desired lifestyle, and the aesthetic you love. During the Consultation & Design Phase, we take the time to establish a trusting relationship and create your vision for moving the design forward!

In this phase, we’ll:


  1. Measure your home, or room(s), and existing furniture
  2. Discover your functional needs for the space
  3. Refine your style goals into a design direction
  4. Help you decide which furniture you will keep for the final design
  5. Draw layout options and explain the pros/cons of each for your consideration
  6. Put time and expertise to bring together colour and fabric selections for you to choose from with our guidance
  7. Source furnishings and décor from our exclusive, boutique suppliers

What You’ll Receive:

Multiple consultations during the design phase

Furniture plans so you know exactly how the space fits your lifestyle.

choose your own adventure interior desig designer canberra nadine lorraine decorating journey home interiors

A comprehensive, and fully costed furnishings budget, that includes delivery and installation, for no surprises.

Holistic mood boards, to help you envision how will all fit together.

Phase 2:

Implementation (3-6 months)


You won’t see drastic changes during the majority of this hugely important phase, but our team does a tonne behind the scenes to save your precious time — placing orders, tracking deliveries, receiving shipments, and more. This is also the phase that includes your Forever Home Reveal Day!

In this phase, we’ll:


  1. Order, manage, and receive all furnishings for your home
  2. Supervise, followup, take on any headaches, so you don’t have to
  3. Implement all furnishings and decor in major installations(no need for you to run home 10 times for various deliveries)
  4. Styling your space with accessories for that classic, layered look
  5. Your Home at Last reveal day… pop, fizz, clink!




The cost of our luxury custom decoration service is project-specific and covers every detail from design and consultation to installation and project completion. I manage the design, creation, and installation of any custom joinery, bespoke furnishings, wall treatments, and an array of tailored design elements, decor, and soft furnishings.

This service typically begins from $3000psm, although each project is unique.

If you’re ready to seek a deeper understanding of how we can help you bring your ‘forever home’ vision to life, schedule a free, 15-minute design discovery call now. On the call, Nadine will help determine your vision for the project, provide a budget estimate, and talk you through the process so you can begin the journey of creating your ‘forever home’.

Prefer to meet in person? Book a ‘design strategy session’ – an in-home consult where I will provide an initial assessment to establish a scope of work, as well as design direction and advice. This service is a great way to get to know me before committing to a full project.

How You’ll Feel:


  • Relieved your forever home is finally done and you don’t have to think about that never-ending to-do list anymore.
  • Confident in big-ticket decisions and a final result you’ll love
  • Blissfully relaxed in a space that works perfectly for your lifestyle
  • Comfortable and sophisticated in your uniquely timeless space
  • That you’ve finally arrived.
  • Proud of the home you have achieved.

Top 3 Thing To Know When Creating a Furniture Layout For Function & Beauty

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