Stage 1: Furniture Layout & Style Goals


Identifying the best furniture layout for your space and your style is the first thing you should do when decorating. Let’s do this step together to avoid expensive furniture purchasing mistakes that don’t fit your room or lifestyle. We’ll even figure out where to place your own furniture in awkwardly shaped rooms.

This Service Is For You If:

  • You’re frustrated by a difficult room shape and moving furniture around hasn’t helped
  • You need clarity on placement and sizing before making big ticket furniture purchases
  • You’re unsure what furniture to keep and what to discard – Perfect for downsizers.

What We Do:

  • Teach you how to measure your room and existing furniture like a pro
  • Discover your functional needs for the space
  • Refine your style goals into a design direction
  • Help you decide which furniture you will keep for the final design
  • Create your room’s optimal furnishing arrangement for your lifestyle

Consultations Via Zoom

What You Receive:

  • Instructions for creating a vision board
  • Instructions for measuring your room and furniture
  • 90 minute Interior Design consultation via zoom
  • A highly functional and personal scale plan that solves your furniture placement issues
  • A list of furniture size buying guides to fit your unique furniture plan
  • The designer makes a video of your project to guide you through your furniture plan and style goals.


$1,500 for 1-3 rooms

How You’ll Feel:

  • Experience the mental bliss of a layout that works for your ideal lifestyle
  • Feel the relief of making long-pondered decisions to keep or let go of existing furniture
  • Avoid the stress of overspending on new furniture that won’t fit
  • Get the confidence to finally move toward a forever home you’ll love

Watch The Video For More Information:

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