Duffy guest room

The motivation:

As the kids move out our client is upgrading the spare bedrooms into enjoyable guest rooms. A year after decorating the first guest bedroom our lovely client rebooked us to redecorate another guest room.  This room used to be the master bedroom with an ensuite before the home was rebuilt and extended as a result of the 2013 Canberra fires.  The layout was presenting a problem to our client.

The fix:

To reset a new the focal point and have sufficient width for decent sized bedside tables we changed the layout of the room to have the bed in front of the windows framed by glamourous  curtains.   Our client had requested a colour pop and the main colour to be either emerald or navy.   In our trade fair travels Nadine had found a bed linen set in Emerald and we used gold as the colour pop to tie in with art works in other rooms.

We also included paint colours and carpart in the scheme to tie in with the new furnishings.

We used textured drapes and metallic pin stripe sheer with velveteen fabrics to add luxury.

The services:

Fully furnished room service – Bedroom

Furnishings budget:  $ 1,600  per square metre excluding trades and design fees for a mix of silver and gold level decorating.


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