The Process

Pre-design consultation

During your initial consultation we will gain a clear understanding of your project’s needs and suggest ways we can assist you.  By posing considered questions to you about your desired outcomes, personal style and budget, we will then be able to present you with a detailed proposal to move your projects forward.

Design proposal

Based on your brief, the Scope of Works and budget we will prepare a proposal that helps define your design style, outline project estimates and time frames, based on our experience including related fees.

Each scope of work will be categorized into either Interior Design (for construction) or Decoration, the main stages for each are outlined.

Your design proposal is presented to you at our studio.


Interior Decoration

Briefing and measuring

During this stage we will further our understanding of your personal style, lifestyle, budget and functional requirements.  We will also take detailed measurements of your home and furnishings.

Optimal layout and mood

Our designers will recommend the optimal furnishing layout and establish the mood and feel of the home through the representation of colour, materials and reference images that illustrate the key features of the design concept.

Specification and furnishings

To complete the concept our designers will select each item and specify materials and finishes.  The completed designs are presented to you with a quotation that includes the cost to supply, deliver and install by Journey Home.


This stage is largely behind the scenes and involves ordering, monitoring, collating, arranging freight and installers for all furnishings.  Keeping home homeowner up to date on progress.

Installation, styling & punch list

The final stage of the decoration process involves the completion of your interior with the installation of furnishings and styling of all the artworks and any accessories.  Our designers personally attend install day to ensure the successful execution of the design.

We complete a punch list to rectify any problems that need our attention.

Interior Design

Project concept and schematic design

During this stage, we address any planning issues and develop ideas around each space and how it will be used. The tone for the project is set by presenting you with a materials palette and reference images to illustrate the main design ideas.

Material selections & design development

Our designers will specify the actual materials and fixtures for your home and develop spatial designs.

  • Design interior Surfaces
  • Design Built-ins + Cabinets
  • Select appliances + plumbing + hardware + lighting

Design Stone + tile layouts

Construction documentation

This stage involves the preparation of detailed drawings and schedules to document each space and clearly define them for execution by the builder.

This is provided in a Journey Home Build Binder or may be inserted into your Architect’s documentation package.


  • Select builders to bid
  • Builders site and documentation run through.
  • Follow up bids
  • Compare bids
  • Report to homeowner
  • Assist to choose builder.

*This is an optional stage that home owner’s or their architect may complete.

Construction phase

During the construction phase, we help ensure the successful execution of the design by attending the site at critical intervals and being available to answer any questions the contractors may have.

Interior Design & Decoration